Boarders not Borders

Without a doubt the biggest project we are doing or have done so far..In a nutshell the story goes like this: Pim ‘pomsy’ van der Wardt (founder of pomsy) is about to travel from his birthplace Ansen (in Holland) all the way to Cape Town (South Africa) holding his skateboard in one hand and a videocamera in the other. Very low budget, sleeping with locals, eating with locals, skateboarding and filming.
The goal is to create a document about skateboarding in Africa (for various reasons you can find in blogs and vlogs) with the jouney as a vessil to make this happen.The result will be a film about the adventurous trip and lifechanging experience set with interviews and tricks by local hero’s from Senegal to Zambia. More then 15 countries will be covered and over six months Pim will travel.
Together with many other people, some of whom representing brands or company names we will later reveal, we wont just pass through and edit a video. We will acctually allso do something besides making a film. Organise contests, collect gear to hand out and even try to get new parks build.If you want to know more or if you want to help out, please send us a text at the facebook page. this here!!