Art is everything and everything is art. From the design of a skateboard to the practice of fine arts. From street art to bombing trains. We love the freedom of expression without question and hold galleries, host art-events and celebrate all forms of artistic outlets. As long as the work speaks passion and the artists share unique views on matter.

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Boarders not Borders

14 September 2017

[embed][/embed]   Without a doubt the biggest project we are doing or have done so far.. In a nutshell the story goes like this: Pim 'pomsy' van der Wardt (founder of pomsy) is about to travel from his birthplace Ansen (in Holland) all the way to Cape Town (South Africa)... Read more

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Pims paintings

23 April 2017

To talk about art can sometimes be difficult. That is why real artists drop out of art college or get in discussions with their teachers. Because art is, just like music, something you either feel or you don’t. (and when it aint really real, we probably won’t) The works of... Read more

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Joren Hans

6 February 2017

One of the people who always has been inspiring is Joren Hans. His talent for drawing, painting, making music and frankly, his way of life is unique. He is that type of person you love till death but hate at the same time. It’s hard to be around him sometimes... Read more