Pomsy will mainly be producing documentary films, music videos, short clips and offer help in producing film for anyone with a great idea. These documentaries will mostly be speaking about d.i.y. projects, skateboarding culture or any related topics such as snowboarding, art and artists, music, or general philosofies of life. Each and every movie or video will contain its own style and feel even tho the general idea is to keep it raw, real and sincere.

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Boarders not Borders

14 September 2017

[embed][/embed]   Without a doubt the biggest project we are doing or have done so far.. In a nutshell the story goes like this: Pim 'pomsy' van der Wardt (founder of pomsy) is about to travel from his birthplace Ansen (in Holland) all the way to Cape Town (South Africa)... Read more

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binie visual

Binie (allso known as Robin Olinga) has been a good friend for many years. He was one of the first dudes i ever seen catching some air in a halfpipe in real life and even tho we dont get to shred as much as back in the day (due to... Read more

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Dwight Fagbamila

23 April 2017

When Dwight Fagbamila dropped his first film he blew us away. We knew him for a while and had a feel he could have some talent but this much.. The reason we wanted to give Dwight a little shout-out on this page is because of his unknown artistic value and... Read more

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Youtube: New video every once in a while!

thats right! or actually.. it’s not completely right. We’ve dug in to Pim Pomsy’s archives and there are over a hundred old dv tapes never used. So we edited some of that raw material to do some shout-outs to people who've meant a lot in the past. Some videos we... Read more