Besides producing albums in hiphop, punk music and all sorts of other genres you could think of (as long as the tunes are good and we feel it we’ll support it), we organise music events. DJ’s as well as live musicians or jamsessions and open mic. We produce video clips and help talented artist to get the attention they deserve by promoting them on our page and social media as well as sending their album or clip to magazines or online blogs.

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Boarders not Borders

14 September 2017

[embed][/embed]   Without a doubt the biggest project we are doing or have done so far.. In a nutshell the story goes like this: Pim 'pomsy' van der Wardt (founder of pomsy) is about to travel from his birthplace Ansen (in Holland) all the way to Cape Town (South Africa)... Read more

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Word Zon

A new style of songs came to us in the form of Pim Pomsy working with Bouke Zoete. Bouke made the music and Pim wrote poems. They worked on a hand full of songs without whispering a word and suddenly released an e.p. that is dreamy and woke at the... Read more

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23 April 2017

Just to show our diversity, Orde Primates is a hardcore punkband. And not the Madball nystyle but the oldschool 80’s punk also known as streetpunk. Its hard, fast, loud and still melodic in a way where you know the musicians didn’t take anything for granted. They did a D.I.Y. tour... Read more

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6 February 2017

mrPimPomsy is for obvious reasons the first artist we promote. The Witlof (with love) album was a cross between being a mixtape and an album. The old songs dug up from the archives got dusted off and re-produced. It contains a young boys search of hiphop in his own heart.... Read more