Skateboarding is everything. In the brain of a skateboarder, there won’t be question about it’s importance to views or vision. It’s a culture that embraces all people and celebrates all sorts of creativity. To us, skating is not about the biggest tricks. It’s about a way of life. We organise events (contests, parkbuilding but also music or film), shoot videoparts and support small skater-owned companies.

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Boarders not Borders

14 September 2017

[embed][/embed]   Without a doubt the biggest project we are doing or have done so far.. In a nutshell the story goes like this: Pim 'pomsy' van der Wardt (founder of pomsy) is about to travel from his birthplace Ansen (in Holland) all the way to Cape Town (South Africa)... Read more

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23 April 2017

Wasteboards is a young company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They create cruiserboards from old plastic bottlescaps, solving a huge waste problem and making people roll the street at the same time. These guys have a lot of ambition and their ideas are more than amazing. Read more about them... Read more

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The city Den Bosch has a very beautiful indoor skatepark with live music every other week. The flow in the wooden street area feels like a freshly baked cake only your grandma was able to make and it is home to some of Holland most underappreciated but very talented skateboarders... Read more