Pim Pomsy. Who is this fellow?

In writing a biography let start at the earliest beginning. The baby wasn’t planned and the birth wasn’t pretty. Lol, just kidding, born in September 1988 Pim grew up in one of the smallest towns in Holland called ‘Ansen’. The youngest of three got drawn in to punk music and skateboarding in his teen years even though the only alternative bar was an hour away peddling on a bicycle. Same as the nearest skatepark which basically was no more than a halfpipe. He and his friends where misfits in this farmers and cows infested area. But being influenced by bands from abroad and skateboard videos from the 80’s and 90’s Pim and his friends picked up instruments as well as hammer and nail and started their first band. Started to build some skatable objects for around the house and at the age of sixteen Pim, Joren and Olle (who formed Orde Primates at the time) organized the very first Vogelpop music festival.
With the D.I.Y. mentality form the punk scene and the getting back up when you fall down mentality from skateboarding every obstacle was overcome and the fact that nobody lives in the area ment a lot of free space instead of no audience.
None of them ever knew what Vogelpop would (or even could) grow in to.
Pim moved to Amsterdam that same year to study the art of filmmaking and after getting his paper (one year study) he decided he wanted more freedom of expression and went to art academy in Den Bosch. Struggling with opinions of teachers and grades going from grapes to raisins he dropped out after two years to start his second study called leisure management. With Vogelpop being a success during those three years it must have seemed like the right choice.
However.. the fact was that he was suffering from depression for a while already and these negative thoughts and feelings took their toll and reached a new low in Pims life. He quit the second study after four months and even Vogelpop had to skip an edition.
His band Orde Primates wasn’t doing much either. Never pronounced to quit playing the bands ambitions to make recordings and the dream to do a tour one day seemed unreachable.
The end.
No it isn’t. he met a nice girl and joined another band called ‘le Roi Mort et les Lentilles Rouges’. This happy French chansons group embraced his role as entertainer and started to be pretty succesfull until the two founders wanted to take the band in a different direction and Serge (the singer) quit the group to start his new band ‘HoppaH!’ but that’s kinda getting ahead of the story..
Struggling with finance and going from one shitty job to the next his (then) girlfriend invited him to stay with her in Breda and thus a new episode began.
Ohh!! I completely forgot! At his time in Den Bosch he worked himself up from bartending at the indoor skatepark W.S.C. to event manager. Doing all sorts of events from live music to graffiti jams and obviously skateboarding contests.
Living in Breda he decided through all this time film had always been in his life as a great passion and so his third attempt of college was a major in documentary filmmaking.
Traveling back and forth for the skatepark, studying fulltime, doing Vogelpop, the new band and having a part-time job on the side ended up being a little much. So when W.S.C. won its years long fight of moving to a better building Pim announced his retirement to focus more on school. Which of course he didn’t finish either.
It was in this third time hearing peoples pretentious opinions of art and artistic values that he decided to start his own company.
Oh, btw, his relationship was over already. By this time another girl had entered his life. And the band ‘le Roi More was finished as well. What I forgot to mention is that in fact Orde Primates was getting back together with a new Bass player and the young boys dream of going on tour was back on.
After quitting school and deciding to fight a long and hard fight Pim organized the legend .. wait for it.. ary tour called “achtung die Kurve” with bands Orde Primates and de Tegenpartij. In a way you could say that this was the true first kicker of the company ‘Pomsy’
Vogelpop was growing out of proportion at that time and for the second time the decicion was made to skip an edition. This time for completely different reasons being that the organization of the festival should be given some time to stream their thoughts on where to take this event.
And it wasn’t just the festival and his band that started to see some glimpse of success, also his art started to pay off when a New York City artist put him up in Chelsae Market.
As relationships come and go so do jobs and Pim got laid off (after being promoted like six times though) at the age of 27 he moved back to his parents to focus all of his time on the company and the official start of Pomsy.