What is Pomsy?

The company initiated early 2017 as an official business with focus on documentary filmmaking, event organizing and producing (making of) art and music. Within the first year of being official we have set our main goals on organizing events in creative outlets such as the above but with an eye on the maintaining of one very important asset. Skateboarding.

Culture v/s sport.

history 2

In any growth you can see that sometimes the essence of its core gets lost out of sight. We from Pomsy wish to keep the underground music and art scenery and the rawness of the street mentality that we all fell in love with. Our battle is not necessarily against the multinational companies. To be honest we feel it might be wrong to be against anything period. We don’t fight against, we fight for.

What do we fight for?

We fight for passion. Our own passion for skateboarding and everything around it. The culture. Which contains music (from punk to hiphop), the art (graffiti to tattoos), the videos, the creativity in tricks, the love for throwing partys, the feel of freedom, the underlying political statements, the fact that true skateboarders don’t give up. And so we fight for each other. The talented artists who never sold pieces, the passionate poets, to shy too share their works or even the hairdresser who expresses himself in cutting and shaves.


history 1

It’s not really history when it happened last month. But the official beginning is here. One man rallying his friends who helped to build this website, who are helping to build the Vogelpop festival, who help with the ‘boarders not borders’ documentary or help by simply giving a shoutout or spreading the word. We are just getting started.

The real history.

Initiated by Pim ‘pomsy’ vd Wardt from Holland, Pomsy was an active name for many years before going official. Organizing events all over Holland, filming loads of activities and growing international the nickname one of his friends gave Pim for no apparent reason and without containing a meaning became Pims second name and grew into a branding of social and creative activities.
The storys are endless and list of activitys is long. To read more on Pim’s personal history click on the smiling dude on the corner at the bottom.


history 3

In 2017 we launch this website, organize the vvfvff filmfestival, have the 10th anniversary of the Vogelpop festival, drop a few amazing (music and documentary) videos, do a couple of international music collaborations, drop some of mrPimPomsy’s new singles online, work on the second mrPimPomsy’s album, have a few more small gigs on the side (as always :P) and to save the kicker…
Start shooting the ‘boarders not borders’ documentary. More about this on every other page!


Goals are set and we feel the wind in our sails. But just as any chess player knows, one step ahead isn’t enough. Where in the first year most things are a one man’s job (with the help of a lotta friends) in the future we hope to grow in a direction where we could help the people mentioned in the ‘fight’ part above. We want to help create, produce, spread, distribute, promote anything with the right mentality and mindset. Which is bringing me back to the skateboarders mentality. Not giving up, pure from the heart with sincere passion ready to drop in and getting up when you fall down.