Welcome to the Pomsy Shop, we’re a new and exciting skate brand located in Ansen, The Netherlands.


We’re excited to offer you our exclusive merchandise*. We’re confident you’ll love them just as much as we do and please bear with us as we are adding more products. Make sure you follow us on social media at BORDERS NOT BORDERS and VOGEL POP for announcements.


We really appreciate each and everyone who supports our goal to widen the boarding community. If you want to support us outside of purchasing merchandise please contact us at 

*Every piece of merchandise you purchase goes towards our BOARDERS NOT BORDERS project.

This project is very near and dear to our hearts and we are proud to say that with your support and the support of the boarding communities around the world, Pomsy, will be able to sponsor and support both male and female boarders in Africa.


With your support we can build parks, support local African entrepreneurs and even design and send boards to those who need them and who want to join our beautiful boarding community.*

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