mrPimPomsy is for obvious reasons the first artist we promote. The Witlof (with love) album was a cross between being a mixtape and an album. The old songs dug up from the archives got dusted off and re-produced. It contains a young boys search of hiphop in his own heart. The meaning and his opinion in where he stands in a culture that was never his. From beatboxing and freestyling, to crossover punk songs, to funky beats with voices that talk about cultural differences or interpretation.
The album spreaded great and quick in the underground late 2015 when it was released. With a hundred percent 90’s style and feel to it the promotion was only done by selling in the streets, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Berlin, Boston, Breda, Barcelona and New York are some on that list. By hustling ways and giving it for free to any homeless person, you can still buy it on the street today. It’s also on the link right here but we strongly recommend a good stereo set tho. Get your speakers up to truly enjoy.